Beautiful Wedding Photos!

I find these wedding  pictures of Lauren Bush and David Lauren (Ralph Lauren’s son) very inspiring. They have a romantic antique air about them and I also love  Lauren’s dress and head piece (of course designed by her father in law). You can read all about it here and also this will be featured in this month’s American Vogue issue for all of you in the states!!


I Dream Of Beach.

Last week I flew back to London from home (Los Angeles) and this week I am in Germany visiting and taking my boyfriend back with me. Although its been great seeing him the weather has been very crap ( think: rain, thunderstorms and no sun). Anyway after having so much sunshine in California and now this weather I am so excited about our trip to Mallorca next week to celebrate his birthday!

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More DIY Ideas….

Courtesy of Vogue Spain April 2011

Okay besides the awesome Balmain Jacket, you can get inspiration from the shirt …take a black cotton tank top, make slits  and use safety pins to “put it back together”

Okay this isn’t really DIY but how cute do fish net stockings look with  a frilly white dress?

Again with the safety pins, find a plain dress or shirt and go safety pin wild.

Weekend Treats!

My lovely co-worker Olivia just went on a trip to Spain and brought me back April’s Issue of Vogue!!! She also thought of me when the “Vogue fairy” ( a neighboor moving out) left these Vogue Spain, France, and Italy lying out in her apartment complex!!! So excited!