Beautiful Wedding Photos!

I find these wedding  pictures of Lauren Bush and David Lauren (Ralph Lauren’s son) very inspiring. They have a romantic antique air about them and I also love  Lauren’s dress and head piece (of course designed by her father in law). You can read all about it here and also this will be featured in […]

I Dream Of Beach.

Last week I flew back to London from home (Los Angeles) and this week I am in Germany visiting and taking my boyfriend back with me. Although its been great seeing him the weather has been very crap ( think: rain, thunderstorms and no sun). Anyway after having so much sunshine in California and now […]

More DIY Ideas….

Courtesy of Vogue Spain April 2011 Okay besides the awesome Balmain Jacket, you can get inspiration from the shirt …take a black cotton tank top, make slits  and use safety pins to “put it back together” Okay this isn’t really DIY but how cute do fish net stockings look with  a frilly white dress? Again […]

Weekend Treats!

My lovely co-worker Olivia just went on a trip to Spain and brought me back April’s Issue of Vogue!!! She also thought of me when the “Vogue fairy” ( a neighboor moving out) left these Vogue Spain, France, and Italy lying out in her apartment complex!!! So excited!
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