THE Summer Dress

My ‘it’ dress, ASOS Yellow Dress When I was living in Santa Barbara-eternal-land-of-holiday I always noticed that European girls had the most amazing and cool summer clothing. I always wondered why being from a sunny place like california most of us just walked around in a tank top, jeans and sandals. Then this summer I […]

Summer Corals

I feel like this post is self explanatory and I almost don’t need to say anything but I always need to say something so here we go. This summer I have been wearing at least one of these three items everyday; Rimmel Cocktail Passion Nail Polish, Nars Orgasm Blush, and Topshop Lipstick in Coy.  See […]


I think by now my friends will be tired of my posting about this sunscreen. Its literally the BEST sunscreen I have ever tried. As you know I have been getting Fraxel laser to help with my acne scarring however you will not see this post until 6 weeks after my last one. With the […]