Does Moisturizing in the shower work?

This is not an advert I promise, lol. I was really intrigued by Nivea’s ‘in shower’ moisturizer because I have a friend with dry skin, whose name I wont mention but rhymes with ‘bourtney’ who does not moisturize because she does not want an extra step after the shower. I don’t know if I agree […]

THE Summer Dress

My ‘it’ dress, ASOS Yellow Dress When I was living in Santa Barbara-eternal-land-of-holiday I always noticed that European girls had the most amazing and cool summer clothing. I always wondered why being from a sunny place like california most of us just walked around in a tank top, jeans and sandals. Then this summer I […]

3 Wedding beauty ideas not to overlook

Its officially wedding season and whether you’re the bride to be, or a guest at the wedding, you are likely to be searching for some inspiration, so I’ve rounded up a few ideas to get those wheels turning. 1. Red Lipstick- This is my brightest idea lol…at first I was going through makeup looks and […]

Back in Black

I’ve always loved color especially bright colors then one day I went to study abroad in France and adopted their color scheme of dark colors to match their somber romantic weather. I have never really gone back to being colorful because I love black for so many reasons: It makes you look thinner  you can […]