This is how they look.

Just thought I would post a picture of me wearing the “Litas” I got for my birthday at my birthday party (why do you always end up in the kitchen?). I decided to wear them with dark colors since they were meant to be the center of attention. In addition I wore my favorite things; […]

Birthday Shoes!

Hi Ladies, So yesterday was my birthday and I had a really nice day! I had breakfast made for me, went to class, saw friends and got drinks. My bf made sure I had a lovely day! Above are my much wanted Jeffery Campbell “Litas” (now i’m an official blogger lol). I love just looking […]

DIY: Galaxy Glitter

There is a Galaxy trend that I have seen around lately and I don’t know what I think of it. In a way I really like it because it looks mystical and glittery but then I don’t know if I want to wear it yet. So when I saw Kirsten from Studs and Pearls DIY […]

Leopard and Lace

Got my Jeffrey Campbell  platforms and  paired them with this lace dress I bought on ebay that came from hong kong. My cousin gave me this silver rosary bracelet that she got on her recent trip to the vatican which I think goes great with the whole look. I had a lot of trouble taking […]
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