DIY Coachella Worthy Side Braid

Okay so this is my first video….very amateur but I am learning! I don’t know how good the tutorial is but I am just excited to be doing this. Excuse my pouty faces I guess I can’t find a middle between Happy and Serious. Tell me what you think!!! This is a perfect side-braid for […]

Eyeliner bookmark

Below is an eyeliner inspiration bookmark that I thought was quite interesting/helpful. Notice that most of my make-up posts consists of eyeliner tutorials this really does highlight my lack of knowledge in that area or what others would call my make-up ‘trick’.  Anyway I am currently working on a few articles/DIY to pop out before […]

Beautiful Wedding Photos!

I find these wedding  pictures of Lauren Bush and David Lauren (Ralph Lauren’s son) very inspiring. They have a romantic antique air about them and I also love  Lauren’s dress and head piece (of course designed by her father in law). You can read all about it here and also this will be featured in […]

My New Favorite Artist!

The Other day I went to the Courtauld Gallery in London and took advantage of my free entry being a student and all. of course I admired their prized Degas and  Manet paintings but I was also struck by this painting called Portrait of Dolly by Kees Van Dongen . Ever since I have been obsessed by this […]
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