3 Fool Proof (cool) Wedding gifts

Okay apologies for the wedding theme but it seems that their are so many going on that its a relevant thing to talk about!I feel like I keep getting invited to one every time I turn around, I guess that’s why they call it ‘wedding season.’ I’ve rounded up a few cool gift ideas below. […]

Friendship is in your DNA

How cool are these DNA based friendship necklaces? Molecularmuse designs these necklaces and sells them on etsy. ‘Genes are written in DNA and RNA molecules using a code of chemical units called bases. These bases form pairs, which is critical to their function. In DNA, A (adenine) pairs with T (thymine) and G (guanine) pairs […]

Glitter+ Hippie+ Dress= Love

I love these new limited edition party dresses from Free People. They are romantic and glamorous but still have a relaxed hippie feel. I could see this worn with long loose curls or a ballerina bun and really sultry make-up for an X-mas party or even natural make-up  for a dressed-up day outfit. What do […]