You’re applying your mascara the wrong way.

I don’t know when it was that I learned to apply mascara but I think my cousin taught me to do so after she took a make up course. Ever since then, I have never looked back, so much so, that when I was working on this post, it took me a while to put it on with out using the right to left technique. It all started while on the underground I started noticing that girls don’t take advantage of the full benefit of their mascara because I saw that somewhere near the middle of the lashes towards the base there was no mascara at all! I noticed particularily with blonder or lighter colored lashes. I was thinking to myself what is the point of buying expensive mascara if your not going to apply it properly?! I want you to try this little experiment:

On one eye put your mascara on regularly (assuming that you dont have this tecqnique already). On the otherside use this technique:

1.Start at the base of your lash with your mascara wand.

2. As you are moving up wiggle the wand from left to right and continue to do this over all of the lashes.

Below is a video that helps with this tecnique. What do you think? Do you use this tecnique or do you have something better?



How to Fix Your Broken Jewelry (EASY)!

I love jewelry. Did I ever tell you I made and designed my own jewelry for a while? Anyway I thought this would be  good post because I am always fixing or making jewelry for my friends when in reality most of what I do is really easy. Also I know a lot of us indulge in jewelry at forever21 or Topshop although they  can snag pretty easily. So this is a tutorial on how to fix your broken jewelry. I promise if you get the tool and a couple findings (listed below)  it will make your jewelry last so much longer!


You need: 

You know how having a needle and thread is handy for patching up holes or rips. Well this is another tool you should have handy,  it is literally the Godfather of jewelry tools...’round nose pliers’ the best thing about them is that they are cheap and you can get them for under $5 from craft stores or ebay. You can also get them with a pack of tools which I also recommend and will get to later.

These are the ‘findings’ (jewelry parts) most commonly needed to fix broken jewelry. They are  open jump rings (in multiple sizes), and  ear hooks (in silver and/or gold),   and you can buy packs of them for like $2.

This is the broken jewelry I have been storing for a day like this. See if you can spot  the damage.

These Turqouise earrings are missing a jump ring where I am pointing out.

You can open and close jump rings with the nose pliers. For these earrings I opened the jump ring with the pliers.

Then I stuck one of the holes on one end and the other hole in the other. Then I closed the jump rings with the pliers.

Don’t ask how both of the earhooks fell off of these earings and I still managed to not lose them because I have no idea. For these I needed jump ring and an ear hook.

I openend the Jump ring and I stuck the leaf on one end and the hook on the other, then I closed the ring.

Again these earrings needed jump rings. One of them was still attached so I just needed one for the other earring.

I opened both of the jump rings and put one side of the earring on one end and the other in the other end and then I closed it.

This necklace (mom’s) again missing a jump ring (see how useful!). I didn’t have a gold jumpring but I tried to mach it as best I could.

So what do I do now? Open the jump ring and stick one part on one side and the other and the other side, then close.

Again this is a charm that needs a jump ring in order for me to string it on to a necklace. So what do we do?

Tah Dah! Six born again pieces of jewelry that I can wear again. Have a look at your own jewelry and see if you can spot the jump rings or other connectors.

Do you get it? Is this at all helpful? I sometimes think these things are so easy that I don’t know how much I actually need to detail. Anyway let me know if you have any questions or need help on a different piece.

DIY- Peter Jensen ‘Tattoo’ Tights


As I said before, I was so inspired by the Peter Jensen show I went to at the V&A that I decided to do some DIYs. This one here is one I have been wanting to do for a while. I once saw Alexa Chung wearing natural colored knee high tights like these (minues the tattoo)  paired with cutoff shorts so I knew I would love them with the tattoo prints!!! This one is easy and fast but you need to be careful not to rip the stockings.

You will need:

  • Natural or tan colored knee-high tights (you can also do full tights). I recommend getting as high ‘denier’ as possible (denier refers to the thickness of the tights so the higher the number the thicker the tights.
  • Permanant marker with a thin tip. I bought this ‘promarker’ at the art store for less than 2£. Sharpies will also work. I recommend a dark brown color.
  •  Thin cardboard cut out to 4in x 8in . I used one I got from a package of tights but you could also use a piece from a cereal box.
  • a print out or print outs of simple designs you want on your tights. I just typed in ‘cherry blossom outlines’ into google images and it came up with these. You can use hearts, mermaids, flowers, stars, or whatever you want.

1) Either wrap your design around your cardboard like I did here, or if you have lots of little designs, like the ones on the Peter Jensen tights,  cut them out and tape or glue them to the front and back of your cardboard.

This is how my design looks wrapped around my cardboard.2) Measure the part where your foot will go in your stocking since you don’t want to draw on this part (or maybe you do). I would say you start drawing one quarter of the way up your stocking like I have marked where my finger is. 

3) Stretch the stocking with your fingers like this and carefully slip the cardboard down to where I had it marked with my finger. You can stick your hand into the end of the cardboard and fold the cardboard inwards so it won’t get stuck on the stocking and rip it.

It should look like this once you have slipped it down.

4) Since the cardboard is thin it will want to flip up so you have to hold it down with one of your hands like I am doing below.

5)While you are holding it down with your free hand, start tracing over the drawing with your writing hand. Do not trace too roughly because this streches the nylon. Do it slowly without putting too much pressure. When you are done with the front side turn over and trace the backside (if there is anything there).

6) When you are done, stick your hand in there and grab the cardboard like I am doing below and pull up so that you can cover the upper half of the stocking.

7) Reapeat steps 4 &5. Then slip the cardboard out and you are done!!!


These are how mine came out. I decided to get stockings with shimmer because I thought they looked more festive but you can also get matte looking ones to look more like tattoos. You can also use black marker for a darker ‘tattoo.’

DIY Turban

Hello Dears,

So sorry I’ve been bad at updating this week. I have been wrecking my brain studying for exams and my disseration and now I am trying to mentally recover before I start crazy studying for my exams all over again! Anyway here is a DIY Turban video from (LEAF) via Because I’m addicted….my favorite is the “morrocan princess” What do you guys think of these turban things? I quite like them and think they are very bohemian!

How To Tie A Turband 3 Ways from LEAFtv on Vimeo.