The Bob with the same effect as long hair

Its finally summer here in London (yay) it literally feels like I’m on vacation, okay well at least the weather does! All anticipation for summer clothes and makeup is finally here. For me this means wanting to change my hair again. I’ve always wanted to cut it shorter but I generally like long hair and […]

20 minutes to vava voom Hair

Sometime last year I became interested in using rollers in my hair. I think it started because of my obsession with vintage and classic hair. I realized that all the women on the shows or movies are always running around the house with either rollers or perfect hair. After trying different ways to do, this […]

French Girls Don’t Comb Their Hair and They look amazing!

Okay I know that it’s a pretty bold statement and that some (okay maybe a lot) of french girls do comb their hair but hear me out. I studied abroad in France twice so I did a lot of personal research on the matter, mainly me staring at a bunch of girls (wierd, I know!) […]

More hair ideas….threads and braids…

I apologize for the overload of videos on the blog not sure if you like them? But I am currently obsessed with watching and making little videos and tutorials. Anyway I am also currently preparing for festivals that I am not going to. With that said I love this cute little freepeople video on things […]