How to get REAL bangs without cutting your hair.

Hi Everyone! Hope youre well. I’ve just gotten new lights and paper for my camera so you will probably see loads of pictures with different sorts of lighting while I’m figuring it out. Anyway I really wanted a bangs but I’ve had them before and they just don’t do what I  want them to do […]

DIY: Fringe T-shirt

Make this Fringe top similar to the nastygal one! I swear it looks complicated and like a lot of steps but it is super easy once you start just a lot of lines and cutting! What you will need: Mens- t-shirt I used one of those slim fitting t-shirts in a Small  with long sleeves […]

I finally did it!

I always hairstyles are cool but when it comes to  actually cutting my hair i’m a wimp. Anyway I had been wanting a “fringe” as the english say (i actually prefer it to our american “bangs”) for quite a while but I never quite did it until today! I got a free haircut from Saks […]