Get him a gift too!

I know Valentine’s day is coming up but rather than tell you what you should be getting,  I think we should remember to get the boys in our life a nice little gift too! Sometimes I forget that that Valentine’s day  is for both people and not just one.  Anyway I will stop getting all emotional now and tell you about this really cool etsy site All Geeky.

My bf is a total computer nerd (he hates it when I say that but he doesn’t realize that being a  nerd is cool). Anyway this site creates personalized cards, shirts and posters in binary code. Binary code is basically a bunch of numbers put together that produce the functions you use on your computer. Anyway, the cool thing about these gifts is that   you can put in secret messages in binary code. Am I explaining myself? Whatever just look at the cool techy stuff below and its quite cheap (under $20):


Imagine the posibilities with this TSHIRT below…’Property of Natalia’ ‘I love Natalia’….;)

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Buy Beautiful Art for as low as $6!

The other day I went to the ‘world famous camden markets‘ (lol) and I saw this stall by Monika Viktoria, an artist originally from Australia. I literally wanted to buy everything from her stall because she had postcards, prints and notebooks with her, work as well as, some original works and they were all very reasonably priced. I love her work because its pretty and whimsical and reminds me of art nouveau from the early 20th century. What do you girls think? Visit her etsy shop and tell me! The best part is you can get a piece of her work for as little as $6! BTW one of these pieces will be mine soonISH!

Friendship is in your DNA

How cool are these DNA based friendship necklaces? Molecularmuse designs these necklaces and sells them on etsy.

‘Genes are written in DNA and RNA molecules using a code of chemical units called bases. These bases form pairs, which is critical to their function. In DNA, A (adenine) pairs with T (thymine) and G (guanine) pairs with C (cytosine). In RNA, G pairs with C and A pairs with U (uracil).’

I’m not a science or math person and never really have been but I really want one of these because it’s a nice change from your typical  broken-heart friendship necklaces. I feel like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would totally wear this….They run for $90 and are sterling silver. Must. save. up! (no this is not an advertisement! but how am I at selling?)

DIY Coin Ring!

Ever since I saw this girl wearing the “je t’aime” coin ring by Mars + Valentine, I was determined to make something similar and also because I always pick up random coins or pieces that I think would make for good rings! Anyway this might be the simplest DIY ever. Also if you go to different countries you can take their coins and bring them back to where you are and they wont realize right away that its a coin! The best thing is that once you have the ring blanks and the glue, you can make as many rings as you want!


You Need:

a coin or piece that you want to stick on a ring

Metal glue or Super Glue

ring blanks (you can find these on ebay or michaels for super cheap)


These are the random things I picked up that I thought would look cool on rings! Discontinued coins are also great!

 I got two different ring blanks just to have band sizes to choose from 1) Take a few drops of glue and put it on the center of the coin.2) Make sure you center the ring blank on the coin3) Let dry for 20 minutes! And you’re done!! 

Take a look at all the ones I made:  * they are available at our etsy store for £5!!! click here to see!