Get him a gift too!

I know Valentine’s day is coming up but rather than tell you what you should be getting,  I think we should remember to get the boys in our life a nice little gift too! Sometimes I forget that that Valentine’s day  is for both people and not just one.  Anyway I will stop getting all […]

Buy Beautiful Art for as low as $6!

The other day I went to the ‘world famous camden markets‘ (lol) and I saw this stall by Monika Viktoria, an artist originally from Australia. I literally wanted to buy everything from her stall because she had postcards, prints and notebooks with her, work as well as, some original works and they were all very […]

Friendship is in your DNA

How cool are these DNA based friendship necklaces? Molecularmuse designs these necklaces and sells them on etsy. ‘Genes are written in DNA and RNA molecules using a code of chemical units called bases. These bases form pairs, which is critical to their function. In DNA, A (adenine) pairs with T (thymine) and G (guanine) pairs […]

DIY Coin Ring!

Ever since I saw this girl wearing the “je t’aime” coin ring by Mars + Valentine, I was determined to make something similar and also because I always pick up random coins or pieces that I think would make for good rings! Anyway this might be the simplest DIY ever. Also if you go to […]
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