DIY: Louis Vuitton Feather Bag (in 30 minutes)

Louis Vuitton Feather Bag Fall 2013 I have been really wanting a fur or feather bag for a while but had put it off until I figured out that I could buy Marabou feathers (from the Marabou stork) and make my own. I was inspired by the Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 ( above)  and the […]

DIY Frosted Tips

So I had been wanting to dip dye my hair for a while but I was back and forth because I sometimes think it can look like grown-out roots which means I have technically had dip dyed hair before.  It wasn’t until I saw  Shannon’s hair from CheapFrillsandThrills that I thought ‘I must copy.’ She has brown […]

Why don’t you make your own Perfume MOOD Library?

Over Christmas I was in Penhaligon’s, the English perfume shop that has been around since 1870 and looks like a candy store inside. Besides loving the vintage-style perfume bottles, I really liked their  ‘scent library;’  a tin they sell full of perfume viles to sample their collection. I thought it would be great to create my […]

The Faux Undercut

I remember seeing Kristen Stewart in THAT outfit with that hair and thinking ‘wow she looks great!’ I am not a huge fan of her but lately I have been digging her style. Anyway if you are like me and have two hairstyles (down and up) then anything that’s easy and looks decent is a welcome […]