DIY- Dsquared Pom Pom Shorts

Ever since seeing these shorts on the runway I thought ‘I need to make those.’ They remind me of these little indian prayer flags my friend Diana brought me from India. Also it doesn’t hurt that I love denim shorts and it’s always cool to find new ways of wearing them. AND I know a […]

DIY Nasty Gal Inspired Cut-off Shorts

I love cutting my old jeans into shorts and I always get questions about  how to do cut-off shorts. I have never done a tutorial because I thought it was really simple but I have gotten several questions about it so here it goes.  I am focusing on the nasty gal shorts but the first […]

INSPIRATION: Denim is Back!

One of the most exciting collections I have seen for spring/summer 2010 is the Dolce and Gabbana collection. Usually when I watch runway shows, pieces stand out but very rarely do I LOVE the entire outfit and many outfits at that. Also I never thought DENIM (jackets, shirts, dresses…) would come back! Other designers have […]