DIY Daisy Chain

‘If you’re going to San Fran CISCO make sure to wear flowers in your hair…’ When ever its warm and I put flowers in my hair I can’t help but hum that song over and over. Now that its finally warm in London and we can go to the park, I like the idea of […]

Take me to the Beauty Shop!

I’m back!  I wasn’t really gone,  but I feel like lately I have been figuring out my life! Anyway I’ve got some cool news. You may or may not have noticed that there is a new tab in the navigation bar called ‘Beauty Shop’ if you haven’t noticed it click here. It is basically a […]

The Hair Pin

I read about this  Oldie Gilbert hair pin a while ago in the Gentlewoman magazine.  It’s just a simple little hair pin but the shape of it is so cool that I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I know it sounds ridicoulous that a little pin (about 6.5 in) would take […]

Buy Beautiful Art for as low as $6!

The other day I went to the ‘world famous camden markets‘ (lol) and I saw this stall by Monika Viktoria, an artist originally from Australia. I literally wanted to buy everything from her stall because she had postcards, prints and notebooks with her, work as well as, some original works and they were all very […]