Just in case…

Just in case you were dying to see me wearing the new Chanel Rouge Allure in Rouge Noir that is so popular right now here it is. I left the middle of my bottom lip a bit bare to give me more of a 3D effect. I’m also wearing Chanel’s Notorious Ombre Blush (the real one) that I duped here. I really like that both the blush and the lipstick are buidable and you can wear as much, or as little, as you want. The woman at the store told me that I could wear the blush over my regular bronzer that I use to contour to add a bit of a statuesque look. Anyway I am really in love with the lipstick but I was happy to know that for the moment I’ve got MAC ‘Diva’ which is quite similar just a bit more red. Anyway what do you think about dark burgundy?

Want Chanel ‘Frenzy’ Nail Polish? Get it for £1

The other day I wandered down the makeup aisle at Superdrug towards the MUA section which I can’t say how much I love because they have such great quality for mostly £1. As I looked through their nail polishes I found this little gem ‘shade 19’ (color looks different on the online swatch) a little grey, mushroomy color which I knew reminded me of something. I went home and put it on and realized that the color is really similar to Chanel’s ‘Frenzy.’ This color is not only cool because it is a Chanel dupe but its just a nice color  in general which I have gotten several compliments! Also I just realized MUA ships internationally! By the way I layered it on because I love opaque nail colours but if you but one coat on it looks more like above!!

Grey Blush from Chanel?

Last week I read an article in stylist magazine about Chanel’s 2012 long awaited for grey blush. Grey blush? I had never thought of wearing anything but tones of pink, brown, or red on my cheeks so the idea intrigued me. I was desperate to go out and try it but its not out yet. So of course what I decided to do was search all over the internet for descriptions of the blush as well as pictures of the look and then I found an eyeshadow that matched the color. The one I found was 17 in ‘Mardi Gras’ (£4) also Mac ‘Satin Taupe’. The color is meant to be grey, taupe with a hint of brown. The idea of the color is to give you more  of a sculpted look which I agree that it did! I used it to contourh from under the apples of my cheeks to wear I suck in my cheeks then I put my normal pink blush on my cheek bones. I think this is a great look because if you put just enough on it gives you just the right contour without making your face look dirty. You can also wear it at night to give you amazing cheek bones without having to worry about  putting too much on. What do you think? Would you wear grey blush?

Style Icon: Nancy Sinatra

After all this Lana Del Rey research for the videos,  I started looking at Nancy Sinatra because Lana Del Rey calls herself a ‘gansta Nancy Sinatra’ so naturally I looked for pictures of Nancy Sinatra’s style. I don’t necessarily find   find her clothing combinations or even choices that cool it’s more the aura she brings that gives her style (her hair and makeup helps as well). When I look at Nancy Sinatra I don’t see clothes I see style!! This kind of reminds me of that quote by Coco Chanel ‘A woman is closest to being naked when she is well dressed.’

What do you think?