Just in case…

Just in case you were dying to see me wearing the new Chanel Rouge Allure in Rouge Noir that is so popular right now here it is. I left the middle of my bottom lip a bit bare to give me more of a 3D effect. I’m also wearing Chanel’s Notorious Ombre Blush (the real […]

Want Chanel ‘Frenzy’ Nail Polish? Get it for £1

The other day I wandered down the makeup aisle at Superdrug towards the MUA section which I can’t say how much I love because they have such great quality for mostly £1. As I looked through their nail polishes I found this little gem ‘shade 19’ (color looks different on the online swatch) a little grey, mushroomy […]

Grey Blush from Chanel?

Last week I read an article in stylist magazine about Chanel’s 2012 long awaited for grey blush. Grey blush? I had never thought of wearing anything but tones of pink, brown, or red on my cheeks so the idea intrigued me. I was desperate to go out and try it but its not out yet. […]

Style Icon: Nancy Sinatra

After all this Lana Del Rey research for the videos,  I started looking at Nancy Sinatra because Lana Del Rey calls herself a ‘gansta Nancy Sinatra’ so naturally I looked for pictures of Nancy Sinatra’s style. I don’t necessarily find   find her clothing combinations or even choices that cool it’s more the aura she […]
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