Mineral Sunscreen VS Chemical Sunscreen

Being a self proclaimed beauty nerd, my friends always ask me skincare questions and believe it or not this is a really common one! What is the difference between Mineral and Chemical sunscreen? Last post about Sunscreen I promise. This one is really short with a video involved! Mineral sunscreen is made from either Titanium or […]


I think by now my friends will be tired of my posting about this sunscreen. Its literally the BEST sunscreen I have ever tried. As you know I have been getting Fraxel laser to help with my acne scarring however you will not see this post until 6 weeks after my last one. With the […]

Other stories Beauty Review +win

By this time I’m sure you’ve heard loads about  &OtherStories the new store owned by HM. Besides being quite good in terms of design/quality (similar price to Cos), the setup of the store is really cool. The best way I can describe it is like the backstage of a fashion show. The clothes are all […]

Brush Your Skin to Get Rid of Cellulite!

Okay I know I love coming up with catchy titles (I should work for a tabloid shouldn’t  I?).  After reading this blog post on stripes & sequins it became necessary for me to locate a brush. Dry brushing is meant to stimulate your cell growth and release toxins. You are supposed to ‘dry brush’ before […]
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