Take my picture by the pool cause I’m the next big thing…

This is my friend Maya. I went to visit her and a couple of other friends  in Oakland this weekend and we ended up just chilling by the pool, going out for sushi and just having an all around relaxed weekend. I am pretty burned right now (I wore sunscreen I swear)! I love this top that […]

Amanda in La La Land

 After Amanda’s travels to Thailand and  the States we finally got a chance to connect in Los Angeles. We spent our Sunday drinking coffee in the garden and driving around Los Angeles looking at murals. This one we found at Figueroa st. and Ave. 64. It was quite interesting because there was so much going […]

Leopard and Lace

Got my Jeffrey Campbell  platforms and  paired them with this lace dress I bought on ebay that came from hong kong. My cousin gave me this silver rosary bracelet that she got on her recent trip to the vatican which I think goes great with the whole look. I had a lot of trouble taking […]

Ebay Floral Skirt

I bought this skirt on ebay for £2  a couple of months ago right before the maxi skirts hit the high streets. I don’t know how i feel about it yet. I love the cut because its a highwaisted a- line but I don’t know about the print. The purple in it kind of throws […]