THE Summer Dress

My ‘it’ dress, ASOS Yellow Dress When I was living in Santa Barbara-eternal-land-of-holiday I always noticed that European girls had the most amazing and cool summer clothing. I always wondered why being from a sunny place like california most of us just walked around in a tank top, jeans and sandals. Then this summer I […]

This is how they look.

Just thought I would post a picture of me wearing the “Litas” I got for my birthday at my birthday party (why do you always end up in the kitchen?). I decided to wear them with dark colors since they were meant to be the center of attention. In addition I wore my favorite things; […]

Squeezing out the last drops of Summer!

Hello everyone! Hope your week is going great, if not, don’t worry the weekend is among us!  I have been so sad about the weather in London it has been grey and gloomy and occasionally when the sun decides to come outside, its only in little bits. It makes me miss summer even though its […]

Mediterranean Sun!

Here are some pictures of me in Mallorca. They are kind of funny because, as I said, I hate modeling and its super hard to get my boyfriend to take pictures  because he’s not excited about it AT ALL. Anyway this was my go-to bathing suit, I feel so super sixties in it (except for […]