The best daily (FAKE) tan.

I saw a girl on the street the other day while walking home from work, she was wearing a long flowing skirt and a backless halter neck top with her dark brown sun-kissed hair let loose and the most amazing deep tan that you get only from laying for hours on the beach for days […]

The April Beauty List

Its been a crazy month for me! Mainly because things have been so busy at work but also because there has been quite a lot of traveling and friends coming around. April has literally flown by. I have been wanting to dedicate more time to my baby (this blog) because it is such an outlet […]

Smelling of honey in Saint-Tropez

Hi Everyone!  I hope you have been enjoying this spring. I have had quite a travel filled one. Last weekend  I went to Saint Tropez for a quick  little tour and I fell in love. Though I travel a lot and try to see beauty everywhere I go,  I don’t say that about places very […]
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