Buy a pair of sunglasses and give sight to someone? + New shoes…

I apologize for the slow posting but I have been so busy working on my dissertation that’s due in a little less than a month! I can’t believe its coming so soon! For those of you interested, I am writing about the impact of blogging on the UK Fashion Industry (the world is too big). […]

Check out my new Leopard Kicks ( That I designed)!

Have I ever told you I’m obsessed with leopard? Well, I am! For Valentine’s day this year apart from going to dinner  the day before V-day (because we hate the awkwardness that comes with date only dinners), my lovely bf gave me a coupon to Design my own Converse! You might think ‘but converse already […]

You Know You want to!

Want some more Cheapchicobsession? How about some INSTANT gratification? Lol Okay I just had to I know I’m a dork sometimes and its not exactly funny! Anyway in case you do want to follow me I am @misscheapchic (like my twitter). What are your Instagram names?

Style Icon: Nancy Sinatra

After all this Lana Del Rey research for the videos,  I started looking at Nancy Sinatra because Lana Del Rey calls herself a ‘gansta Nancy Sinatra’ so naturally I looked for pictures of Nancy Sinatra’s style. I don’t necessarily find   find her clothing combinations or even choices that cool it’s more the aura she […]