PEOPLE: Oma (german for grandma) Helma

Helma is a 90 years old woman who rides her bike daily, who won’t skip a chance to drink and socialize and loves Dancing above else. Spend an hour with Helma and feel as though you need to get on your feet and do something.  She is currently studying french, reads 2-3 hours per night, and does aerobics every […]

Watching: Marion Cotillard

Okay I know we loved Marion Cotillard in “la vie en rose” and “nine.” I know this girl is going to be around for a while because she’s not “conventional” there are some angles where she doesn’t look perfect. She’s real and beautiful. Anyway in hommage to her and her classic style I dug into […]

Inpiration: Loewe Ad Campaign

I love this Campaign because I feel it is genuinely artistic:the use of colors….well form your own opinion! Plus the spanish brand[Loewe] had been off the radar for a couple years and now it is finally coming back at full blast.

INSPIRATION: Denim is Back!

One of the most exciting collections I have seen for spring/summer 2010 is the Dolce and Gabbana collection. Usually when I watch runway shows, pieces stand out but very rarely do I LOVE the entire outfit and many outfits at that. Also I never thought DENIM (jackets, shirts, dresses…) would come back! Other designers have […]