How To Be Impeccable

If my dad were to read the title of this blog post he would probably start laughing and then wonder how I would have any authority on looking ‘impeccable.’ Mostly because in university I became a sort of beach bum that would take a day off from showering which isn’t too bad for most people […]

DIY Daisy Chain

‘If you’re going to San Fran CISCO make sure to wear flowers in your hair…’ When ever its warm and I put flowers in my hair I can’t help but hum that song over and over. Now that its finally warm in London and we can go to the park, I like the idea of […]

How to be a California Girl

THE ESSENTIALS Tan- I know its a cliche but a Cali girl unavoidably always has a tan because of our inevitable exposure to the sun. Not to worry for those of you  that want to face it you can always use a fake tanner like Xen Tan. Sunglasses- Again we are unavoidably exposed to the […]

Look in your fridge for your next beauty product

You’ve heard this story many times an older woman with amazing skin says something about how  she used to wash her face with milk because she had nothing else.  Funnily enough washing her face with milk was probably a stroke of genius as milk contains lactic acid and lactic acid contains AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Acids) […]