Natural Oval Nails

  For months I’ve been wanting to jump on the bandwagon and get my nails done in that pointy oval shape, (I’ve now learned it’s called  ‘almond’) in a nude color. I never got them done because I was in the process of interviewing at different companies and I guess that having polish-free nails are […]

3 Wedding beauty ideas not to overlook

Its officially wedding season and whether you’re the bride to be, or a guest at the wedding, you are likely to be searching for some inspiration, so I’ve rounded up a few ideas to get those wheels turning. 1. Red Lipstick- This is my brightest idea lol…at first I was going through makeup looks and […]

How To Be Impeccable

If my dad were to read the title of this blog post he would probably start laughing and then wonder how I would have any authority on looking ‘impeccable.’ Mostly because in university I became a sort of beach bum that would take a day off from showering which isn’t too bad for most people […]

DIY Daisy Chain

‘If you’re going to San Fran CISCO make sure to wear flowers in your hair…’ When ever its warm and I put flowers in my hair I can’t help but hum that song over and over. Now that its finally warm in London and we can go to the park, I like the idea of […]