What I do to stay in shape and happy

Lately I’ve received lots of positive messages from some amazing women telling me that I look great and asking me what I what I do to keep fit. My first instinct has been to say that I don’t do much because it just happens to fit seamlessly into my life/work but after thinking more about […]

Why I can’t get enough of Cryotherapy (Coldtherapy)

I started doing Whole Body Cryotherapy at 111CRYO in London back in May of last year. At first it was just going to be a month trial after which I would write an article but it never happened because I loved it so much that I continued on. So for those of you that have […]

FaceGym Golden Glow Facial Review

After complaining for months about how dull my skin looks against the dreary london skies, my boyfriend, being the attentive partner that he is (or perhaps tired of my complaining), gifted me a voucher to have a ‘Golden Glow’ the Facegym. I’d been wanting to try the FaceGym since it first opened but somehow I […]

I love Chloé.

I’ve recently rediscovered my love for the French fashion House Chloé. Literally all the items I’ve wanted for my spring-fall wardrobe…saddle bag, leather gladiator sandals, round gold rim glasses, suede boots, anything camel…is found in their last two collections. It’s probably because the collections have always retained the free flowing spirit of the seventies which […]