DIY: LFW Streetstyle

So this season’s LFW streetstyle post is quite short I just took some pictures of  DIY inspiration.  London is known for being the city ‘where anything goes’ but what I like about it is that although people can get rather ‘crazy’ you definitely get inspired. Let me just say there was neon everywhere!

Anyone who has hung out with me in the past two months knows that I am obsessed with neon! Hence why I love this outfit on Julia Lang from Geeks and Fashion. Also Check out her Friends Awesome futuristic shades!

Collar detail: she made it herself. Pop some studs onto the collar of a shirt.


She was wearing a Christopher Kane dress.  Think about getting bright lace and sewing it like a skirt.


I love Ashish. I probably wouldn’t have worn all three pieces but I think the neon makes it work.


Two of the biggest trends in one: Neon aan



Not really streetstyle but yup Kanye did walk by!

DIY Neon Stripper Heels

I just love this shoe! I think besides having  reputation clear straps can give you long looking legs. As you know I love neon so I think it gives the heels an edge! Anyway see below for DIY that is quite similar to this one I did before.

What you Need 


  • sexy clear platform heels
  • tape
  • Newspaper
  • Neon Spray paint
1) use the tape to cover up areas that you don’t want spray painted such as the sole or the opposite sides of straps.
2) Take the white spray paint and begin spray painting the shoes evenly. I think it works best on a leather like surface although mine was satin and it still worked.
3) Now you are ready for the neon. Begin spray painting the shoe evenly and make sure you do all parts, including the heel.
4) Let it dry over night and then spray paint any areas you might have missed.


DIY Safety Pin Belt

In high school I used to wear a safety pin bracelet to keep me “safe” and I thought it fit with my skater punk style then. I used to wear them pinned together like a chain. When I saw this DIY at LoveMaegan It brought back memories!

What you need

60+ Safety pins in your preferred size

elastic with the thickness corresponding to the safety pin size

pin and needle to sew the elastic together


DIY Punk Converse

Saw this image for ELLE via StuddedHearts and thought it would be cool  (can you tell I have a one-track mind). What do you think about these?

What you need:

Converse All-Star

Studs you can buy these on ebay or at a craft store

What to do:

Once you have the studs you can place them all over your converse or you can do it with lines that are all equally spaced.