DIY Neon Stripper Heels

I just love this shoe! I think besides having  reputation clear straps can give you long looking legs. As you know I love neon so I think it gives the heels an edge! Anyway see below for DIY that is quite similar to this one I did before. What you Need    sexy clear platform […]

DIY Safety Pin Belt

In high school I used to wear a safety pin bracelet to keep me “safe” and I thought it fit with my skater punk style then. I used to wear them pinned together like a chain. When I saw this DIY at LoveMaegan It brought back memories! What you need 60+ Safety pins in your […]

DIY Punk Converse

Saw this image for ELLE via StuddedHearts and thought it would be cool  (can you tell I have a one-track mind). What do you think about these? What you need: Converse All-Star Studs you can buy these on ebay or at a craft store What to do: Once you have the studs you can place […]

DIY- Peter Jensen ‘Tattoo’ Tights

  As I said before, I was so inspired by the Peter Jensen show I went to at the V&A that I decided to do some DIYs. This one here is one I have been wanting to do for a while. I once saw Alexa Chung wearing natural colored knee high tights like these (minues […]