DIY Idol T-Shirts

So  for “Women’s Day” Amanda and I got together and decided to make these awesome idol t-shirts from left over transfer paper. We decided it would be a good way to revamp the old hanes v-neck that we love to sport in California!

We decided that we would choose inspirational women to put on our shirts. I chose Anna Karina because I had to many to choose from and ultimately I thought this picture would look cool on the t-shirt. Amanda chose Mexican film diva Maria Felix for her strength, power and because she was such a femme fatale. Anyway I just want to go make like 50 more but I realize I would get bored of wearing these everyday.

Step1) buy transfer paper, I bought this one on ebay (yes my favorite) for 3 pounds.

Step 2) pick out an a cool stylish person thats typically not depicted on t-shirts. print the image on the paper.

Step 3)put a towel on a desk or table and put the image on the shirt facing the shirt (make shirt you don’t put it upside down) Iron it for about two minutes.

Step 4) Peel off and Taadaaaah!!!

***Amanda’s T-shirt to come this weekend!!! check it out


Natalia + Amanda

DIY Hex Nut Bracelet (Honestly, WTF?)

OMG the girls from Honestly, WTF? are amazing! I think everyone in the blog world has been linking back to this amazing post for this bracelet because its soo cool and cheap and easy to make. What more do you need for a DIY? Anyway I picked up Hex nuts that were silver and a too big but it was perfect because it turned into a man bracelet that the bf actually liked and said he would model only if he could do something manly in the picture, hence the screw driver! Going back to the hardware store to make one for myself!

My “Man” Bracelet!

DIY Camera Chain

Okay so after reading Susie Lau’s post about her styling for D & G (amazing), I was lusting for the camera chain by SFK and was amazed to find out that they are actually affordable and made with brass and leather (under $100)! But me and my student budget can’t afford very much at the moment so as always I have to do my makeshift little inventions!!!

Step 1)

Find a bag you don’t use that has a sturdy pretty chain that you like or alternatively go vintage! I got this one at goodwill for $2. Chains can be adjusted for small cameras too!

Step 2. Measure the length of the chain you would like.  Take needle nose pliers (this is my best friend) – you can buy this at a bead store online  or even at a hardware store and they litterally do everything (when you want to make stuff, fix earrings whose loops open.)- Open up the chain links (at least two on each side.)Then clamp the coresponding sides to the camera neck holder things and then close them. I added a couple more chain links to make it sturdier. and Tadah! I will add leather to mine for support later!

DIY: Jil Sander Market Bag

Jil Sander SS11

Step 1) Get your self a plastic bag in a bright color

Step 2) Throw your all your stuff in it = )

Okay all jokes aside I really do love Jil Sander’s Market bag in clear orange. But for those of us who can’t afford it at the moment ($179) you really can just use a plastic bag and be “fashionable.” Finally there is an excuse to use that wonderful plastic bag they give you at your local international market! See my “creation” below.

Love, Natalia