3 Tips to the perfect at-home manicure

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! I know its been a while, I guess the job has kept me from writing on the blog though I’ve had these posts prepared, as in the pictures taken for quite a while. I know it sounds funny but for a while I steered clear of painting my nails because […]

The $5 Miracle Mask

Coming from a hispanic community,  I grew up with tv infomercials about ‘Concha Nacar de Perlop’ a ‘bleaching cream that lightens  your skin reducing the appearance of dark spots and scars. Though I never thought much about it until a few months ago I read an article on refinery29 about a makeup artist using this […]

Bringing back CK1

Hello lovely ladies! It’s been a while but I haven’t forgotten about you. I have been away on holiday on the beautiful islands of Fiji (more on that later) but I have also conjured up a new type of posting that will be up on the blog shortly. Today I want to talk to you […]

Does Alkaline Water give you perfect Skin?

Ever since I read an Interview with Miranda Kerr on ITG I: 1. Found Miranda Kerr much more interesting and love her take on natural and organic beauty and bought myself some organic rose hip oil. 2. Became obsessed with alkaline water What is it? Alkaline Water Alkaline water is water that has a pH […]