I am obsessed with color!

I haven’t always been a nail polish person  but over the passed month I have found myself not stepping out of the house without a proper nail varnish! These are the great little jewels that I have acquired: No 7: poolside blue—–rich color 7.50 (pounds) Rimmel: black Pearl  and grey matter —–so easy to put […]

How To Put On Red Lipstick In 5 Steps!

During LFW, one the biggest trends on the streets was red lipstick and for some reason I got an “idee fixee” of putting red lipstick on. Luckily the lovely people at Mac were there to do our lipstick (which btw takes longer than you would think to do it properly.) So here is what I […]

I finally did it!

I always hairstyles are cool but when it comes to  actually cutting my hair i’m a wimp. Anyway I had been wanting a “fringe” as the english say (i actually prefer it to our american “bangs”) for quite a while but I never quite did it until today! I got a free haircut from Saks […]