Rose Gold Shades

Okay so here is the obligatory Naked 3 post and review. Though most of you have probably seen/bought/played with this I thought I would add it to the internet so that you could see it on a different skin tone.  As always with Urban Decay the colors are very nicely pigmented and tend to stay […]

Highlighter: My Secret Weapon

Those of you that already incorporate highlighters into your routine may want to skip this post as it is just my raving about how wonderful they are. Firstly, highlighters work to bring out areas on your face that the light naturally hits. For example if you add highlighter to your cheeks it can amplify your […]

The Secret to every Aussie girl’s Beauty Routine.

A few months back, I went to the middle of nowhere in Scotland which actually ends up happening quite often for some reason or another (going to the middle of nowhere that is). I realized that in Scotland or at least in the areas I have visited,  there seems to be an array of ruins […]

Pure Fiji

Back in October I went to Fiji for a few weeks for a friends wedding, naturally the first thing I did when I booked my tickets was look up any skincare native to Fiji. I found Pure Fiji, I was really intrigued because they use natural ingredients, I decided the one product I would buy […]