FaceGym Golden Glow Facial Review

After complaining for months about how dull my skin looks against the dreary london skies, my boyfriend, being the attentive partner that he is (or perhaps tired of my complaining), gifted me a voucher to have a ‘Golden Glow’ the Facegym. I’d been wanting to try the FaceGym since it first opened but somehow I never came around to it so I was really happy when I got this.

**I’m quite skeptical about facials because I’m used to high performing treatments like lasers and peels that can show results from one session but this non-invasive facial really did leave me with the results promised.**

What is Facegym?

FaceGym works under the premise that just like our body muscles our facial muscles, need to be stretched and worked out. It’s a simple concept that makes total sense! Think about how often you find yourself stressed and tense and your face locked in a permanent position? That’s why we usually look better/healthier after holiday because all of our muscles, including those in our face, become relaxed. No time for a holiday? That’s where their signature facial comes in – they use ‘vigorous knuckling movements and high energy whipping strokes to stimulate blood circulations, collagen production and cell renewal to lift, tone and tighten the face.’

Using this as a base, they’ve developed several other facials that include everything from electrical muscle stimulation, radiofrequency to CO2 laser.

Golden Glow Facial breakdown

  1. She cleaned my face and then used a face ball on different pressure points around my face, neck, decolletage, and shoulders to stimulate lymphatic drainage – this felt amazing!
  2. She then went in with her super quick hands and did the signature workout- I honestly thought she was using a machine.
  3. She then used Facegym’s epynomous EMS device that emits electrical waves to stimulate muscles and contour. I’ve tried an EMS device before and it usually feels like a slight twitching of the muscles. This was so much more intense- I could feel my face moving and making involuntary gestures and after five minutes I could see the difference it made!
  4. She followed by using serums and then applied the Mimi Luzon 24k gold mask and left it on for 10 minutes before rubbing the gold leaf into my skin.

Final verdict

The whole experience was super relaxing and the best part was that I actually noticed a difference in my skin. I think this would be a great facial to have before a big event. Also I would love to try the FaceGym EMS device as it seems very promising.

The FaceGym Golden Glow facial is £110.


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