So I had a colonic…

Okay I know what you are thinking…TMI but to be honest I’m writing this because when I wanted to find out more about the process of actually having a colonic before having one, I couldn’t really find much. So keep reading if you are interested if not I suggest skipping the details section below 😉

Why a colonic?

I became interested in having a colonic a few years back when I first started a detox diet that was inspired by Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean Program. I had read that a colonic can help get rid of excess toxins in the colon that are being eliminated as part of the diet. And although I agree with the argument that the flora and fauna of the body are built to do this naturally, I think that with all the preservatives and junk that our bodies take in, the colon could sometimes use a little help. That said, I started the same detox in September of this year and thought it would be a good time to finally try a colonic and find out for myself if all of the supposed benefits were real.

First off, what is a Colonic or Colon Hydrotherapy? It’s a process that gently fills the colon with warm sterile filtered water through a small sterile rectal tube with the aim of flushing out excess toxins.  

The details of my colonic

I had my therapy at Aqualibria in London, the session was 1.5 hours. The first half hour was a lifestyle consultation with one of their therapists who also walked me through the treatment. The actual treatment room had an oddly calming atmosphere with dim lighting and a TV screen playing beach scenes accompanied by relaxing music. I was given a hospital gown and told to lie on the odd shaped bed  built for you to lie on your back with your knees bent (like when you visit the gynecologist) with a hole for your bottom.  Once I was in the correct position the therapist came in to adjust the water temperatures to be going in and out of the colon, she also explained that the colon would fill with water and then naturally release it along with the toxins when it could no longer hold it. This process then continued for the remaining 45 minutes. The therapist came into the room every few minutes to massage my abdominal area with a heated massage tool. This part was a bit weird as I would have preferred to get instructions and do it on my own but nevertheless it was okay. There was also a clear tube along the wall where you could watch all the water pass which sounds disgusting but actually quite insightful as far as digestive health goes once you stop being squeamish.

So, how did it feel?

Weird – I felt like I was using the toilet for 45 minutes! That said, it wasn’t super uncomfortable or painful it was definitely tolerable.

I felt super light both mentally and physically – I literally lost two pounds of crap both physically and mentally! You know that the say your gut is your second brain.

I immediately stopped feeling bloated – This is something I constantly struggle with as i’ve got quite a sensitive stomach.

The rash on my cheek disappeared the following day –  I had had a rash on my cheek for weeks  that I thought was either acne or an allergic reaction. Turns out it was my body trying to eliminate the toxins I had stopped eating.

Would I do it again?

Definitely, but not all the time. I think this is a good treatment to have  if you are doing a detox once a year but personally, I think done too often I would upset my intestinal flora.


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