I had my hair professionally blow dried for a month…


I once overheard one of the directors at a company I worked at mention that she gets a blow dry 3x per week. I remember thinking as an intern that this seemed excessive. At the cost of £30 or more per blow dry – couldn’t the woman blow dry her own hair? I think over the course of the last year I’ve figured out the answer…

The background

Last May, I decided after years of doing the roll out of bed look, I wanted to be more like those people that always looks put together.  I realized – after comparing myself to one of my colleagues who was always put together- that what kept me from completing the look was my hair, don’t get me wrong I love my naturally wavy beach hair and while it looks great in warm weather and with a tan it’s a bit difficult to looked polished and can give me that ‘I just woke up’ look and not in the #Iwokeuplikethis way. It was then that I decided I would blow dry my hair 2-3 times per week (which has since come down to one). Last month, I took it one step further and in the name of beauty (experiments) decided to find out what it felt like to not wash or blow dry my own hair for an entire month. This is what I found:

The golden rule

In order to stay within my budget the cost had to be under £25. Luckily with Treatwell, I can get discounted beauty treatments at off peak times and even book last minute at salons around my area directly through their website and app (this is not a sponsored post by the way ;p).


The process

Each weekend I would look at ‘my schedule’ and in order to take it easy and not be constrained to an appointment, I would book the blow dry 1-2 hours before I wanted it. All I needed to do was show up and let them do their thing.

Did it last the whole week?

For the most part, yes, in most cases they would add a curl and it would fall out the following day which was a bit annoying but my hair was still smooth so that was fine.


Overall Cost

Total spent £125

Is it worth it?

It depends, if it’s within in your budget then definitely (see benefits below). If you would have to take it from another area like clothes or going out then maybe read the benefits below. For me, I think it was a good experience but will hold off for now as I’m trying to save some money. 

Head massage
We all know the benefits of a massage and even if this is a small benefit of having a blow dry –  it still counts!

Great hair – ‘Look good feel good’

Relaxation & mood You still need to make time to go to the salon so you are not saving that much time but it’s definitely much more relaxing to have someone else do your hair and know that it’s going to look good.


***If you are looking for a great blow dry in Camden I definitely recommend Mike at Hob Salons, Unit 3b, 28 Jamestown Road, Camden Lock, London, NW1 7BY***


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