Natural Oval Nails


how to get natural nailsFor months I’ve been wanting to jump on the bandwagon and get my nails done in that pointy oval shape, (I’ve now learned it’s called  ‘almond’) in a nude color. I never got them done because I was in the process of interviewing at different companies and I guess that having polish-free nails are associated with being smarter. Is that even true? Different topic, we can discuss this in the comments.

Regardless, my nails got a nice little break from nail polish and have actually stopped breaking. At some point, besides missing the process of painting my nails, I started to think having natural nails was actually trendy. Then the other day I got this idea of reshaping my normally square nails which had gotten to quite long. I’ve started with oval and will go pointer.

I’m actually really pleased with them as I’ve never had my nails this long before!  I thought I was on to something different until I realized that I’m probably stuck in the middle of a trend; I went to the shop the other day and Emma Watson was sporting the same nails on the cover of Vogue! Also, I tried to show off my ‘nonconformist’ nails to my housemate who surprisingly or not, to my housemate had done the exact same thing!



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