Mineral Sunscreen VS Chemical Sunscreen

Being a self proclaimed beauty nerd, my friends always ask me skincare questions and believe it or not this is a really common one! What is the difference between Mineral and Chemical sunscreen? Last post about Sunscreen I promise. This one is really short with a video involved!

Mineral sunscreen is made from either Titanium or Zinc, these are minerals that are found in the earth and crushed. When you put it on they sit on your skin and act as a barrier between your skin and the sun. Think of a shield

Chemical Sunscreen is made from different chemicals and this is probably the most common. When you put on Chemical sunscreen you have to wait 20 minutes for it to work. Chemical sunscreen breaks down when the sun hits it so essentially think of little fighters fighting against the sun so it wont touch your skin. You have to reapply this sunscreen the more sun exposure you have because it breaks down or in other words the little fighters need more strength.


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