THE Summer Dress

My ‘it’ dress, ASOS Yellow Dress

When I was living in Santa Barbara-eternal-land-of-holiday I always noticed that European girls had the most amazing and cool summer clothing. I always wondered why being from a sunny place like california most of us just walked around in a tank top, jeans and sandals. Then this summer I finally figured it out! Living in the UK Ive noticed that the Sun is not normal its a luxury and having such great design high street shops like Topshop, River Island, New look etc its hard not to look at all the summer clothes and actually want to buy it . So  what ends up happening is you stock pile nice summer clothes and wear it the five times the sun comes out. There is no need for casual clothes like tank tops and jean shorts because you just cant afford to lose the little sunshine you have on that. I know this because I realize that I have been getting many compliments on the dresses I wear in the sun becausde I literally have no other summer clothes (its all left in CA).*

Anyway the point is that you should try to collect summer dresses that WOW.  It can come in all shapes, colors and cuts and here is how to spot IT


1) THE COLOR- a summer dress can be as plain as possible but have an amazing color like a turqoise or a yellow. Lovestruck, $35

2) THE PRINT- Again the pattern can be so cool that the shape doesnt matter or you can comebine print with cut out(below) and have a WOWZA Urban outfitters, $69

3)THE CUTOUT-I fell in love with cutouts ever since I saw the Versus catwalk a few seasons ago and now I cant get enough. Sides, ribs, back, waist, decolletage you can find a flattering dress for you shape.Nasty Gal, $42

4)THE TEXTURE- Crochet is my favorite but you can have ribbed, lace, chiffon, or silk as long as its flattering. Jarlo, $135


Click here to see more summer dresses.

*I proved my theory this July when the sun was actually out and super hot for three weeks in the UK and as time progressed people became more and more casual because it got hotter and sunnier which means that they had to run out and by as much summer clothes as possible.


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