Summer Corals

I feel like this post is self explanatory and I almost don’t need to say anything but I always need to say something so here we go. This summer I have been wearing at least one of these three items everyday; Rimmel Cocktail Passion Nail Polish, Nars Orgasm Blush, and Topshop Lipstick in Coy.  See COY lipstick worn here.Coral is a great color because its mid way between pink and red and therfore you are neither sweet or sexy but fun? Does that make sense?

This Rimmel Nail Polish is actually one of the items I purchased because it was like $2 off at the store and really like Rimmel PRO because it has a good consistency and goes on smooth. I was just kind of attracted to the color but literally all women who have seen me where it have asked me where ive got it and more than half of them have actually bought it. After all of this I have then noticed it around the blogosphere as well. Short story long, I now know how products become cult items….

Now everyone knows Nars Orgasm is one of the best blushes because the undertones suit all skin tones from pale to dark. Yes not all blushes look good on everyone hence why sometimes blushes look better on you at different times of year. See this video for a quick explanation on which blush suits you best.  I love that Orgasm leaves you with a soft flush. I will leave it at that lol.



What are your summer faves?


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