3 Fool Proof (cool) Wedding gifts

Okay apologies for the wedding theme but it seems that their are so many going on that its a relevant thing to talk about!I feel like I keep getting invited to one every time I turn around, I guess that’s why they call it ‘wedding season.’ I’ve rounded up a few cool gift ideas below.

1. Custom perfume– for the bride especially if she is a close friend or you are her brides maid you can have a custom perfume made for her or at least pick one for her that will be considered her ‘wedding perfume’ choose notes from perfumes that she already has and a few different notes to remind her of this specific occasion. Tom Ford Perfumes are really unique, have pretty bottles and ‘expensive’ price.

2.Money money money- okay this can be in the form of a gift card or gift certificate. As you probably realize, the couple will most likely blow all they have on their big day so any form of money will be gratefully appreciated. Big department store cards like Nordstrom, are the way to go because they offer the most choice.

3.Camera- These next few years will probably be really picture heavy because of the honeymoon, then babies…They probably use their iphone to take all pictures now and could use something more advanced. For a big gift go for the Canon, for a more modest gift go for a Lomography camera which makes pictures look vintage or go for a Polaroid camera which will print out pictures instantly.

See more suggestions here.


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