3 Wedding beauty ideas not to overlook

Its officially wedding season and whether you’re the bride to be, or a guest at the wedding, you are likely to be searching for some inspiration, so I’ve rounded up a few ideas to get those wheels turning.

1. Red Lipstick- This is my brightest idea lol…at first I was going through makeup looks and thought that red would be too much for a bride, but actually,  red would be really feminine and sultry and would give a vintage feel to the look. Try Russian Red, Mac $15

2. Floral Garland-  This idea is not so new, I always see it on pinterest but I dont know if brides or guests actually wear garlands but a baby’s breath garland looks so magical and especially with nice weather. Floral Garland, Asos $16.97

3. Eyeliner Flick– I know we are always told that bridal makeup should be simple and natural but  brides should also  look feminine and glamourous. As the 60s have taught us, the feline is flick is very feminine. My Idol here is Katherine Ross in the graduate. Try NYX Liquid Black Eye Liner, $6.

What do you think? What’s your inspiration for weddings?


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