What Color are you?

Okay so this is something I have been excited about for a while but haven’t written about it because  I haven’t actually had the chance to try it but I was thinking I would let you know and you could try it!

Sephora has launched a foundation matching system which basically matches your exact skin color to a range of different foundations from all brands  stored on their database. What’s the point of this? My friend Kat said that everybody has a foundation that at least suits them even if its not perfect so why do you need to know the exact color? While this is true,  this foundation finding system is good because it will open up options for you from brands and colors and finishes that you might not have thought of. Best of all is that its free and you do not have to buy so why not?  Check out for availability here and tell me how it goes!


For those of you in the UK,  Boots No 7 has a similar concept to match foundation although it matches to their foundation you could get your exact color and then browse around?


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