Style Icon: Annie Hall

The other day I was watching a movie with Diane Keaton in it NOT Annie Hall but then I was reminded of Woody Allen’s movie and I became obsessed with looking for pictures of her style. I remember watching this movie when I was younger and being in awe of her manish clothing.  It also reminded me of one halloween when my mother dressed up as a man and despite looking quite cool in her slightly oversized mens suit and hat,  I wouldn’t go near her because I was afraid  (I was 5). Anyway here is some inspiration below. Note the short-sleeved white-collared shirt and scarf in the first picture is one I still tend to recreate.

All Black turtle neck and cool sunglasses

Nerd turtoise shell glasses, high wasted palazzo pants and a flannel shirt

Tweed blazer, scarf, brown degrade sunglasses

Tie and vest need I say more.


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