The Hair Pin

I read about this  Oldie Gilbert hair pin a while ago in the Gentlewoman magazine.  It’s just a simple little hair pin but the shape of it is so cool that I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I know it sounds ridicoulous that a little pin (about 6.5 in) would take up so much space in my brain but it’s these little objects of vanity that remind me of something that might have sat on a perfume tray in the early 20th century. Also it could be because I am a hoarder and I love to have stuff that I feel like I need these things in my life. Anyway this little pin will cost a pretty penny, $87 give or take but check out the link  tutorial below, and tell me it doesn’t inspire you to do something nice to your hair (see image below)?

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Lucky for you I love researching these things so I found us a couple of  options, this etsy shop makes nice shiny brass hair forks like the one above for $8.50 except they are not curved which is not good if you have fine hair. Alternatively on Etsy they have a large assortment of curved hair forks here.   Have you tried something like this? What do you think?

How to Use a Hairpin


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