My New Favorite Nude

I’ve been looking for a nude lipstick for a while now. I have one that is nude-ish from MAC (‘Kinda Sexy’) but its more of a light pink.  I really wanted to go for the Lana Del Rey sort of pale lips look but I went to MAC to try and find one but  they  were too pale for my skintone, they almost looked white. I have tried using concealer as lipstick and that worked but I wanted an actual lipstick. Then I found this Kate Moss for rimmel lipstick in 26 and I thought it’s the perfect color. You can see below in the picture that I’ve posted of me with feathers on my face, for your enjoyment. Of course you can’t tell so much because it’s nude but its really moisturizing and smells really good and the best price is that it’s £5! You can find it at Boots or Target I would assume (it’s cheaper in dollars!). Anyway do you know of any good nudes?


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