Are Scrunchies back in?

                                      image from American

It all started today as I was walking behind these teenage school girls in their uniform,  after wondering if they were cold because they were not wearing jackets,  I could not believe my eyes! Two of the three girls were wearing  black scrunchies,  then as I walked past them I saw another girl with the same uniform wearing a green one. As soon as I came home, I typed in scrunchies and found some articles (was surprised people wrote them) about scrunchies being back in after loads of gymnasts wore them during the olympics. I don’t know how I feel about this. I guess scrunchies are fun and happy but I dont know how ‘chic’ they are. I guess I will dig up my black velvet scrunchy and see what I can do with them. I just want to make a disclaimer the early 90s was not my favorite era in terms of fashion so we’ll see. What do you think? Will you catch on?

*if you feel inclined to buy a scrunchie  I think American Apparel is a good place to start since they’ve got solid colors which is always good or you could try ebay.


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