How to remove shine from your face using baby powder.


 I’m not sure baby powder is the best to remove shine from your face on a daily basis because it does contain talc and when I contacted Johnson & Johnson they said that it was not tested to be non-comedogenic (it might clog your pores) but I’ve read some reviews and for some people it works fine! The good thing about it is that it’s white so it will suit all skin tones, provided you dont cake it on. Also it smells so good and is rather cheap for the amount you get. If you notice my face above, particularily at the nose area is quite shiny after running around the whole day with makeup on. I poured some baby powder on my hand and I used a powder kabuki brush and powdered all over my face.

As you see below thats the shine away from my face focus on the nose area! Anyway I think its good if you’re out of powder and its around the house or something like that. Also it might just work for you as regular powder to put on top of your foundation on a daily basis but I guess you would have to try that out. Have any of you tried this?


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