Mediterranean Sun!

Here are some pictures of me in Mallorca. They are kind of funny because, as I said, I hate modeling and its super hard to get my boyfriend to take pictures  because he’s not excited about it AT ALL. Anyway this was my go-to bathing suit, I feel so super sixties in it (except for the fact that it reminds me of baywatch) but regardless I love it ( even though I’m currently  on “vacation excess weight” and  eating everything within sight and feeling like a “fat cheesball”…my invention thank you). I guess the point of this post is that the beach was awesome, the sun even more awesome and I didn’t feel like a fat cow in the bathing suit! Oh how I miss the beach!


I am wearing: Shirt: c/o American Apparel, Shorts: DIY, Bathing suit: c/o American apparel, Hat: Asos, Shoes Primark, Glasses: Gucci (old model)


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