DIY: wrap your hair in strings and feathers

Lately I have noticed people with “feather extensions” in their hair, basically colorful feathers througout the hair which you can get professionally put in at the hair salon. This reminded me  of “hair wraps” that they used to do at theme parks and other places. I love this look and you can even wrap a feather at the end of it. It gives your hair a colorful addition and its super simple and cheap.

You will need:


1  x embroidery thread (you can get this from a craft store for about 50cents)  more if you want more colors

1) Choose the place where you want to do  do the hair wrap and grab about 2 inches of hair. I chose this spot because I can hide it or choose to show it. (Forgive my frizzy hair)

2) Braid this chunk of your hair and tie a small hair tie at the end.

3) Get about 20 inches of embroidery thread ( you can do more if you know you are going to use one color but it i really annoying to wrap a long string so I did it in pieces.) Tie the string on the top part of the braid leaving about one inch  of string.

4) Hold down the one inch along the braid and start wrapping around making sure each wrap is next to each other. When you finish with the first string make one wrap then hold part of the string down on the braid, grab the next string and tie it around the braid right next to the other one making sure it stays right next to each other.  You can change colors at this point or continue with these steps until you get to the bottom. Once you get to the bottom you can tie a knot and you are done!

5) If you want to add a feather: when you are about one inch of your hair from finishing grab a feather ( I only had peacock) and hold it against your hair. Keep wrapping around the hair and feather until you reach the end of your hair then tie around and into a knot and you are done!

Mine turned out a bit messy but I ended up liking it. Now think if you add a braid here a feather there some jewelery and a really bohemian outfit!


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