DIY Nasty Gal Inspired Cut-off Shorts

I love cutting my old jeans into shorts and I always get questions about  how to do cut-off shorts. I have never done a tutorial because I thought it was really simple but I have gotten several questions about it so here it goes.  I am focusing on the nasty gal shorts but the first steps are really the same for all shorts!


1 x pair of jeans that are one or two sizes larger (for NastyGal style I used Levis 501)

1x good pair of scissors that can cut through fabric

8x  cups of bleach (optional)

Washer & Dryer

1.) Pick a pair of jeans that you would like to cut. I always choose pants that are a size or two larger than my normal size because I dont want it to be so tight around my thighs!

2) Use a pair of shorts that you already have whose length you like and match the crotch of those shorts with the pants.  Then use a ruler (or a book) and a pen to mark a line going accross. After you have made this line cut across. Try on the shorts to see if they are short enough if they look a bit wierd they probably need to be shorter (who wears short shorts?). I also cut about 1 inch slits on the side of the shorts so that they don’t stick to my thighs.

3) Now for the NastyGal Inspiration.  I marked lines where I wanted to cut slits but you can mark more or less. Do this on the front and back. I used a permanenet marker because it is going to be fringed away anyway.

4) Now you are ready to fringe! Take the end of the scissors with your right hand and hold the shorts tightly upwards with your left (the hand holding the scissors should pull the other end). Now scratch along roughly with the scissors. You will start too see the fabric shaving off.

5) It should look like this

6) Once it does  Rip this with your hands along the line that you had drawn.

7) It should look like this. You can rip it longer or more. After you are done you can wash them and dry them (this makes the fringe come out).If you want to change the wash (color) follow step 8

8)  *I wanted mine to be a lighter wash so I  left mine in bleach for a couple of hours i put about 8 cups of bleach and enough water to submerge them. Levis 501’s are already treated so it takes a long time to change the color. I would leave them in bleach for 5 minutes then let them hang for 30 min and repeat this until you achieve your desired color.

This is the finished product. Nasty Gal’s  have really big long and symmetrical slits in the front which I will cotinue to do to mine. They are also about 1 in shorter so if you want them like that make sure to add more slits and cut them shorter. You could also try doing them at an angle (from the crocth upwards). What do you think?


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