DIY Single Flower Vase

This DIY kills so many birds with one stone. Like finally using  the random bottles you have collected because of their interesting shapes, or  for cheap decoration and brightening up of your desk or bathroom, or making use of one nice flower in the garden.

Okay maybe its just plenty of good reasons for me. Yesterday my bf plucked a flower from the garden and gave it to me and in these situations I just dont know what to do because it’s usually too small to put in a huge vase and too sad to watch it wilt away. So I had the idea of popping them in one of these little bottles I had gotten from the orange juice at the pub. Now there is one on my desk and in the bathroom and it is not too olverwelming.

Also, you could try this cute Idea(top picture)  from (sorry i forgot where): Of putting a number of flowers in different sized bottles:


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