DIY: Fringe T-shirt

Make this Fringe top similar to the nastygal one! I swear it looks complicated and like a lot of steps but it is super easy once you start just a lot of lines and cutting!

What you will need:

  • Mens- t-shirt I used one of those slim fitting t-shirts in a Small  with long sleeves (only because I wanted my sleeves to be a bit longer) but you can use something larger depending on how loose or long you want it.
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil

Use a flat surface. This is the shirt I used that I bought for 3£

Put the t-shirt on and choose where you want the fringe to start. Mark it with a pencil. Then with a ruler use the point where the armpit usually goes and measure from there to where your spot is. Mine is 17in. then make the point on the same spot on the other side.

Once you have done that connect the two dots and make a straight line.  From that straight line make mark every 1cm going across.

Since the bottom already has the stitching line going across (that you will cut off) use this as a line and make 1cm marks accross.

Then connect the top marks with the bottom marks. It should look like this!

Now you are ready to cut. First cut the bottom off (where the stitching is) then cut the lines you made. It should look like this.

Once you have finished the fringe cut off the collar. I start at about the angle wear the ruler is but your basic goal is to cut it off. Try to be straight.

And ta da! I cut off the sleeves free hand you can make it shorter!

What do you think?


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