Bonjour Summer by Sonia Delaunay

It feels and looks like summer here in London (clear skies and all) and I’m stuck in the library studying and trying to write my dissertation. Fortunately the material I am working with, at least for my dissertation, is extremely interesting at least to me. At the moment, I am writing a piece on Sonia Delaunay, Russian-jewish artist who worked in Paris, particularly with her work in the 1920s. Looking at her fabric and fashion designs I am surprised as to how contemporary some of these pieces look. Sonia is quoted  saying that geometric fabric design will never go out of style and it seems as though she was right (think color-blocking that is in right now)! She felt that women of the day needed to be able to move and the clothes  needed to reflect this as well as the design on the fabric should flow with the woman’s body…..anyway enough of me trying to impose my dissertation on you. Enjoy some of her designs!



P.S. I really want the knit swimsuit (I would wear it as a playsuit) does anyone knit? ; )


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