This product is like a laser in a bottle. Honestly.

For those of you who know me or have been reading my blog for awhile you know that often times when I like a product I will go on about it as if I’m being paid –  Clearista Retexturizing Gel is definitely one of those products. I first became interested in Clearista when I read […]

I had my hair professionally blow dried for a month…

I once overheard one of the directors at a company I worked at mention that she gets a blow dry 3x per week. I remember thinking as an intern that this seemed excessive. At the cost of £30 or more per blow dry – couldn’t the woman blow dry her own hair? I think over the course […]

So I had a colonic…

Okay I know what you are thinking…TMI but to be honest I’m writing this because when I wanted to find out more about the process of actually having a colonic before having one, I couldn’t really find much. So keep reading if you are interested if not I suggest skipping the details section below 😉 […]

Max Factor Makes the Best Mascaras

Before you start to read this you must know that I never ever used to buy drugstore makeup unless I was desperate (dramatic but true). I still don’t buy foundation from the drugstore. That said when it comes to mascara I’ve tried everything from Diorshow, Benefit, Too Faced – basically everything that you can get from […]
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