Six Tips to Get the most of the Algarve

Portugal is underrated. Of course whenever talk of travelling to Portugal comes up in conversation people always say ‘I love Portugal it’s my favorite,’ which is why I’m surprised that it isn’t on people’s bucket list when travelling to Europe. Usually people opt for going to France, Italy, Spain, UK, before they even consider Portugal. ¬†While I’ve only been to the central Algarve region in Portugal I am now booking my next holiday to other parts of Portugal! Tips for the Algarve When I go on holiday I usually know Read more…



Is lip gloss ‘in’ again?

Back when I was 13, my idea of wearing makeup was wearing clear gel mascara and glittery shimmery lip gloss. This was mainly due to the fact that my parents didn’t let me wear makeup so I felt that I was somehow able to trick them by wearing clear mascara and then I guess they didn’t care very much about the clear lipgloss. Until I was 17, those were my only makeup staples (Mac Lip Glass was like liquid gold) then I discovered eyeliner that I rebelliously wore on the Read more…



You Need to wear Mineral Makeup!

So, you take care of your skin, wash your face morning and night use the proper day and night cream but you are still using pore clogging foundation like Mac Studio Fix (don’t get me wrong, I like the coverage too). You are careful with what you eat and what you put on your face but you still use this foundation. ¬†Standard foundation can clog your pores if its ‘non comedogenic’ and cause breakouts but even more than that all of the ingredients in foundation don’t let your skin breathe Read more…



The April Beauty List

Its been a crazy month for me! Mainly because things have been so busy at work but also because there has been quite a lot of traveling and friends coming around. April has literally flown by. I have been wanting to dedicate more time to my baby (this blog) because it is such an outlet for my crazy beauty obsessed self. Okay so this list is a must each month because its the only thing that keeps me in control from not buying everything I see. It’s all of the Read more…