Sunday, August 23rd

Kylie Jenner’s Lips

I tried to recreate Kylie Jenner’s signature lined lips and…

kylie jenner lips…it was a disaster!

I know people either love or hate Kylie Jenner, I happen to like her. I’m not saying I agree with everything she does but I like that, not being one of the better looking Kardashians, she has taken beauty into her own hands and along the way has also had such a huge impact on current beauty trends. *Hello full lips and long acrylic nails*

Inspired by Jenner,  I’ve tried to over line my lips a few times over the past year with no success. So finally, I gave in and looked around for the best tutorial and decided to give it a go.  The one I found most helpful was this one by Desi Perkins.

Things I learned

I realized that previously I was over-lining my entire lip, where I should have actually only overlined the cupids bow.

I also learned that I should only use a matte lip liner because anything else would draw attention to my natural lip line.

The Verdict:

Truth be told, I don’t know if I’m just terrible at doing my makeup, my natural lip line is too thick to look normal or a mixture of all but this look looked terrible on me. I tried to get the best angle when taking the picture but it was hard to get rid of my natural lip line. Maybe I needed a more matte lip liner? I guess I’ll keep trying but I don’t see this working for me. Have you tried?


Friday, August 21st

The best daily (FAKE) tan.

The best Daily tan

I saw a girl on the street the other day while walking home from work, she was wearing a long flowing skirt and a backless halter neck top with her dark brown sun-kissed hair let loose and the most amazing deep tan that you get only from laying for hours on the beach for days on end.

Sadly I don’t remember the last time I spent a consecutive 5 days or more laying on the beach letting the sun drench me with color. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been on vacation several times this year but ever since moving to London five years ago, I seem to be quite unlucky with seeing sunshine. I don’t think I’ve actually had a California style [actual] summer in at least six years! Before I continue to complain ( I could go on about this topic for a long time), I’m actually writing this because despite my relative lack of sun showers, I actually get complimented on my tan quite often. Mind you, the last time I really worked on my tan was back in May on a trip to Portugal and yes ethnically I’m Mexican so I do naturally have a bit of color but I wouldn’t really call it a ‘golden glow’.


To get this tan, I use Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily in Medium to Tan every other day on off days using a combination of body oils like rose, almond or avocado. What I love about this tan is that it doesn’t streak AT ALL and it gives you a subtle yet even looking tan that can take you into winter. I also don’t use it on days that I shave my legs as I find  tanning cream can seep into your pores and try to exfoliate once a week.

Sunday, August 16th


a line denim skirt

If I had to define this summer with an article of clothing it would definitely be the button-up denim A-line skirt. Ever since I bought it back in April, I have never looked back, it literally goes with everything, and is so flattering. I could wear it everyday. I’ve worn it with t-shirts, peasant blouses, baseball shirts, sneakers, boots, converse and gladiator sandals.  I’m also pretty sure black tights and long sleeve tops it will take me into fall (alongside the corduroy and suede ones I’ve collected).

Tip: I’ve seen way too many people who don’t wear the skirt tight enough making it look like a bag when it’s actually supposed to hug your curves.

Maybe because it’s a throwback to my favorite decade to the 70s (though shorter) and also a toss back to the 90s (see Clueless)? I wonder in what fashion context the skirt will be remembered for in the teens(?).

PS I’ve only recently discovered that noughties referred to the 2000′s and not the Naughty 90s as I initially imagined.



Sunday, July 19th

On Happiness


This is a ‘quick one’ that I have been meaning to write but haven’t because I wondered how it would make sense with the rest of the blog. This then made me ask myself about the subject of the blog in general and well you get the picture. After several weeks of thinking about how to continue the blog, I thought today would be a good day to just start writing again and figure out the rest as I go.

I wanted to write about something that’s been on my mind for the last few months: HAPPINESS!

I had become obsessed with the idea and experience of being happy. For me like many others, happiness is not just about my own happiness but about the happiness of those around me. I sometimes felt like I couldn’t be happy until everyone around me was happy as well. And judging by the lack of beachfront property, fulfilling careers and significant others missing from some of my loved one’s lives; I wasn’t going to be happy for a while.

Situation #1

Then one day I came across the following quote by Albert Camus:

‘You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.’

topshop skirtSurprisingly after reading this, or maybe unsurprisingly, something clicked and I decided to stop thinking about happiness and just enjoy the moments around me. For someone as analytical as me, it is very difficult to in essence ‘stop thinking and just enjoy’ but I did and felt a thousand times better.

Situation #2

Not long after, I was having breakfast with somebody very close to me whom I worry about a lot. This person is very smart,has a lot to offer but has been at the same job that’s not exactly a career and skips going out for staying around the house, reading and watching TV. During breakfast, in my usual prying manner, I was asking them about their ‘ideal situation if money were no object etc’ and the response was kind of shocking. They said that their situation wouldn’t actually be much different than it is now, what they described was doing the same sort of thing they usually do, just having more time to do it. It was then that it finally clicked:

Just like people are unhappy in different ways, what makes people happy also varies from person to person!

These two learnings might seem quite straightforward to most, but they have really changed my outlook [for the better]. I  know now that happiness doesn’t always come in the form of  beachfront property, traveling and a full blown career for everyone. What are your thoughts on happiness?

wearing: First picture; Forever21 dress, vintage belt and birkenstock sandals, second picture;skirt and and top from Topshop